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The McGonnigal Family - North Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Installation of Residential Central Air Conditioning and Repair of Work and Damage from Previous Contractor

On July 17, 2010, All Phases Mechanical was contacted by the McGonnigal family of North Datmouth.   This family had hired a contractor prior to contacting All Phases, and were now dealing with issues including:

  • Water Leaks
  • Faulty Installation of Drains
  • Faulty Installation of Duct Work
  • Ceiling Damage
  • Incorrectly Installed Units
  • Horrible Mess in Their Home

Carl Tucci of All Phases Mechanical met with the family, and after viewing and taking photos of the damage left behind by the previous contractor, he wrote up a quote right on the spot.  The All Phases quote for a new central air conditioning system not only included correctly installing the new air conditioner, but also cleaning up and repairing all of the damage left by the previous HVAC company.

At the time, All Phases Mechanical was in the middle of rescuing another family from a deficient HVAC company (check out the Gregg Case Study), but Mr. Tucci didn't want the McGonnigals to have to live with the mess and poorly installed AC unit they were dealing with either.

So, bright and early on July 22, 2010, the All Phases Mechanical Team showed up to begin work on the McGonnigal repair and re-installation.

Work Completed Friday July 23, 2010!

  • Remove Old Condenser
  • Duct Work
  • Refrigeration
  • Drain and Mess from prior HVAC Contractor
  • Installed New ECM Motor V Speed Air Handler
  • 16 SEER Temp Star Condenser
  • Refrigeration
  • Drain
  • Fixed Sheetrock Ceiling
  • New Lined Return/Filter Grill
  • Custom Fully Insulated Duct System

Click on thumbnails for full size:

Incorrect installation by previous contractor causes water damage for home owner.

Water damage from previous contractor also causes problems with electric in home.

Faulty installation of drain and duct work from previous contractor.

Faulty installation of duct work from previous contractor.

The All Phases Mechanical Quote for a new Central Air Conditioning system.  This was done on-the-fly by Carl Tucci after viewing what the previous HVAC contractor had done to the McGonnigal home.

Damaged ceiling from previous A/C contractor. Repaired by All Phases Mechanical team.

New correctly sized and lined return box going into ceiling damaged from previous A/C contractor. Repaired by All Phases Mechanical team.

Brand new 1" lined duct fitting with duct sealer, installed by All Phases Mechanical.

Brand new TempStar 14 SEER condenser (under construction) All Phases Mechanical.

Installation (under construction) of slim duct which ultimately will conceal refrigeration piping and electrical between the condenser and the air handler in the attic.

The customer survey and release form that McGonnigal filled in after the completion of all the work and repairs were completed by All Phases Mechanical.


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