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The Gregg Family - Norwell, Massachusetts
Installation of Residential Central Air Conditioning - 100% Complete as of 7:30pm on 07/21/2010

In June 2010, M. Gregg of Norwell required that a new air conditioning system be installed in her home.  She requested quotes from at least two companies, one of whom created a quote in Word and sent it to her on June 9th.

M. Gregg selected the quote with the lowest price (which only differed by $2500 on a total quote of over $10,000) and work commenced.  In less than a month, she was so unhappy with the progress that she contacted All Phases Mechanical to re-quote the entire project.  This now included having to repair and re-do the work of the original contractor.

Carl Tucci of All Phases Mechanical met with M. Gregg, and re-did his original quote on the spot.  Unfortunately, the new quote had to include not only the original work, but what needed to be re-done to correct and finish what the first company had started.  Fortunately though, Mr. Tucci was able to give a credit as the previous contractor had left usable parts at the customer's home!

M. Gregg was to so thankful to Mr. Tucci that she not only accepted his quote, but also provided documentation of her experiences with the other contractor, but also signed a release allowing All Phases Mechanical to take photos and video of the "Before" and "After" on her project.

Work began immediately, and within hours M. Gregg was happier than she'd been in a month over her air conditioning project.  In less than a week, the second floor air conditioner was tested and running:  a 2 ton, 13 SEER system!

07/17/2010 - All Phases installed a 2 ton, 13 SEER central air conditioning unit on the second floor of the Gregg home, tested it, and had it up and running.

07/21/2010 - The installation of the 4 ton, 13 SEER unit on the first floor of the Gregg home was complete.  The unit was tested, and was up and running!

07/21/2010 - All work 100% Complete as of 7:30pm.

"Carl, Buddy and crew were excellent!  They were fast, neat, and very customer service oriented.  They proactively kept us abreast of their progress each day.  We couldn't be happier, especially after a negative experience with another HVAC contractor".

See how the previous contractor left the work and watch All Phases swing into action!

 All Phases has completed the work! The final video is below.


M. Gregg was so unhappy with the original HVAC company that she signed a release allowing All Phases Mechanical to offer her story.  The All Phases team has completed this job.

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